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Fiji Jokes


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Hail Gandhi (1832 views)
3 guys , Gandhi , a Sikh and a Mullah , were caught by the bristish army in India while state curfew was imposed. Now the rule was to shoot them on sight, the British solidier took them to the camp, thinking they might have a different rule for Gandhi.
Having seen them 3 , the british captain told them to take them inside a room and check their penis size.
Now the mullah cowered coz when they musu, the size becomes smaller but he kept quiet. They thought Gandhi will fail the test. Sardarji was first and he came out smiling. Passed
Mullah went inside but somehow he also came out smiling. But it took a while before Gandhi came out and he too was smiling..........heh!.
well, sardarji asked , hey molbi, how come u passed after they cut it off , The kattu replied , well, when you trim a rose tree, it grows in big and branches so i passed and you Gandhi. he said , lucky it stood up in time when i said Jai bharat mata ki or else they were gonna shoot me.........


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