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Fiji Jokes


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In the Groove (1812 views)
A hippie goes into a restaraunt and orders a milkshake. He told the cook "not too thin and not too thick" "but in the groove the groove". The cook was annoyed but he gave him the milkshake.

Later he ordered french fries.

He told the cook "not too hard.. not too soft" "But in the groove the groove". This time the cook got really annoyed but he gave the fries anyway.

Later the hippie ordered a Hamburger he told the cook "not too big and not too small" But in the groove man in the groove" But this time the cook got really mad.

He came right infront of the hippie, turned around, pulled his pants down and bends over,
then he said "You can kiss my ASS man, not too much on the left and not too much on the right,
but in the Groove man in the Groove"

Thought of the day: "IN THE GRO....O..OVE MAN


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