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Fiji Jokes


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Bad Bad Parrots (2067 views)
A lady walked up to the community priest and asked him for advice about her two naughty female parrots.

'What's wrong with them my child?' the priest aked.

'No they have this attitude that whenever anyone comes to them, they called out 'Hi, we're prostitutes.Do you wanna have some fun?',and I really can't take them out in public' the lady answered.

'Oh don't you worry my child, bring them over and I'll put them together with my two male parrots.I'm sure my parrots will sort them out for they are so religious.They hold their beads and pray everyday and they will definitely teach your female parrots about God.'

So the next morning the lady took her female parrots to the priest's house.The priest took them and put them in with the two male parrots.When the two females are in the cage,one of them shouted out to the male parrots who were still holding their beads praying; 'Hi.We are prostitutes, wanna have some fun?'

One of the males opened his eyes looking at the females then look at his partner who was still praying. He called out ,'Oe, throw your beads away brother, our prayers have been heard!!'


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