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Fiji Jokes


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Horse & Donkey Sex (1379 views)
It was winter time when these two friends decided to do some warm up as they have no one else to rely on.

The horse said to the donkey since you are a small falla you have your luck first at me. So the donkey without wasting time obeyed at once. He climbed on top of the horse and started to do the usual business. The horse could not feel it because the donkey was too small for him. So he decided to put in added fun and turned around his neck and allowed the donkey to give it a good kiss all over the neck and the mouth. The donkey really enjoyed and finished his business.
Now it was the horses turn. The horse jumped over the donkey and started with the business. He was careful not to hurt the small creature but tried to satisfy himself to the fullest.
The poor donkey got the surprise of his lifetime bearing such heavy weight onto him and also the full brunt of the dick.

The horse also wanted to kiss the donkey and make love bites on the neck so he said to the donkey to turn your neck nd let me kiss you, since I gave you the chance when it was your turn.

But the poor donkey insisted and pleaded with the horse to finished his business and get off as soon as possible. But the horse wont listen, he said I gave you the chance to you but why is that you dont let me enjoy sex.

The donkey in a dreadful voice said please horse believe me, you have pushed your dick right up to my neck so how would it be possible for me to bend the neck towards you.


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