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Fiji Jokes


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Hair Remover (760 views)
A lady took her pet schnauzer to the vet. The dog had been scratching its ears. The vet explained that in some breeds of dogs, the hair inside the ears gets too long and must be periodically removed.

He advised that she go to the drug store and buy a depilatory. When she got to the store, she discovered that there were several brands to choose from. Since she had never used a depilatory before, she asked pharmacist, "Could you tell me how often this needs to be applied?"

The pharmacist answered, "If it's for your legs, I'd recommend twice a week, if it's for your underarms, then once a week ought to be enough."

The lady then said, "well, actually, it's for my schnauzer."

"In that case, I'd recommend once every two weeks ... but don't ride a bicycle!" replied the pharmacist.


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