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Fiji Jokes


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Home With Teacher (671 views)
"Class dismissed!" the teacher yelled.

Little Johnny doesn't go, he walks to the teachers desk and says, "Teacher can I go home with you?"

The teacher says "No!"

Little Johnny says, "I'll tell my daddy."

So the teacher says, "Okay."

They get to the teacher's house and she says, "Well I'm going to take a quick shower, you sit right here."

"Can I take a shower with you?" he asks.

"No!" says the teacher.

"I'll tell my daddy!!"

"Well, okay, I guess so."

So, they're in the shower and little Johnny says, "Can I turn off the lights?"

"No!" says the teacher.

"I'll tell my daddy."

"Well, okay."

So the lights are off and little Johnny says, "Can I stick my finger in your belly button?"

"No!" says the teacher.

"I'll tell my daddy."

"Well, okay," says the teacher.

"Johnny! That's not my belly-button!"

"Yeah? That's not my finger either."


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