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Fiji Jokes


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It was the end of the school day and all of the kids were anxious to go home. The teacher told the kids,"As soon as you can name the speaker of a famous quote you may leave. OK."

"Who said four score and seven years ago?" Johnny lifts his hand in excitement. "Yes, Johnny?"

But before he could answer, Lucy jumped in and said Abraham Lincoln. "Very good, Lucy, you may go home now."

Johnny was red in the face with anger. The teacher then gave the next quote, "Who said I have a dream."

Johnny lifted his hand excitedly again. But this time Mary interjected and said Martin Luther King. "Very good, Mary, you may go home now."

At this point Johnny was really frustrated and pissed off. But the teacher asked again, "Who said ask not what your country can do for you?"

Johnny knew this one, he raised his hand quickly. This time Rebecca chimed in and said, JFK. "Very good, Rebecca, you may go home now."

Now, Johnny was boiling mad! He turns to the kid next to him and says, "I wish these bitches would keep their mouths shut!"

"Who said that?"asked the teacher.

"Bill Clinton," said Johnny, "Can I go home now?"


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