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Fiji Jokes


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If You Had What I Had (1863 views)
A suited, rich-looking gentleman entered the bar at a 5-star hotel in Nadi one afternoon, sat down, looked at the drinks menu and ordered 5 of the most expensive drinks on it.

The bartender promptly made the drinks and displayed them in front of the thirsty looking customer.

The man consumed all five drinks within a minute, leaving the bartender shocked.

Said the bartender: "Bro, in my many years here, I have seen all types at this bar, but you sure must have a hell of a problem."

"If you had what I had," the man in a suit said, "you would drink them fast, too."

The friendly hotel bartender thought the man was sick and felt sorry for him. He leaned over and whispered: "What do you have?"

"One Saqamoli," the man said.


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