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Fiji Jokes


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Singing Angels (1891 views)
In a country town, the Minister was about to start his sermon when he noticed a new parishioner, a young woman in the front row, wearing a tight top with her breasts almost hanging out.

Throughout the service, he struggled to concentrate on his message to the congregation as every time he looked, he couldnt miss the womans top.

Eventually he cut short the service and asked the woman if he could have a word with her.

When everyone had left, the Minister asked sternly: You seem to be new here. But still just what do you mean coming to church dressed like that?

Why reverend, the young woman replied. All my boyfriends tell me that they can hear the angels sing when they put their heads on my breasts.

This stumped the Minister, but he was on a mission and was not going to be put off.

Well let me check, he said and put his head between her breasts.

Eventually he raised his head and said. I dont hear any angels singing!

Of course, not Reverend, she said. You are not plugged in yet.


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