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Submitted on : 2008-09-12 10:01:38
The Butt Joke( 1291 views)
A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink and while he's drinking, the ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-10 13:54:57
After Great Britain's Beer Festival...( 1225 views)
After Great Britain's Beer Festival, all the brewery presidents decided it would be fun to hit a pub in ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-09 15:10:37
The Head( 1114 views)
There once was a boy called Matty who didn't have a body, he only had a head.

Then it came ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-04 12:20:04
Busch Beer( 1360 views)

A very sexy redhead walks into a pub and takes a seat at the end of the bar.

The bartender ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-04 12:16:05
Bar Food( 1328 views)

A guy walks into a pub and sees a sign hanging over the bar which reads:

Cheese Sandwich: $1.50
Chicken Sandwich: ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-04 12:02:06
The Gay Bar( 1306 views)

A guy walks into a bar.

He asks the bartender for a shot of whiskey.

The bartender asks "Why?" The guy ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-04 12:01:03
12 Inches Required( 1285 views)
3 men walk into a bar.

After they drink a couple of beers they are ready to leave, but the ...
Submitted on : 2008-05-18 18:24:29
Guy and the Barman( 1304 views)
A guy walks into the bar, and throws $20.00 and the barman, and said let the beer comes until ...
Submitted on : 2008-03-24 19:53:58
Gentle touch( 1541 views)
A rather attractive woman goes up to the bar in a quiet rural pub. She gestures alluringly to the ...
Submitted on : 2007-06-26 15:51:55
Pub Talk( 1680 views)
Two Australian builders (Phil and Eric) are seated on either side of a table in a rough pub when ...