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Submitted on : 2009-01-19 18:02:53
Sa Dede Qai Sota( 2551 views)
Sa oti e tini na yabaki rau qai mai sota tale e rua na vei tau. Sa veisau vakalevu ...
Submitted on : 2008-12-23 21:54:43
Fijian Joy( 1544 views)
When you see a indo-Fijian man holding his arm at 68 degrees waving end to end and big smile ...
Submitted on : 2008-11-10 13:59:26
Na Buli Gone( 1522 views)
Ena dua na siga rau a gade tu ena dua na Park e dua na veitamani ka raica sara ...
Submitted on : 2008-10-03 19:13:22
Ramayan( 1867 views)
There was a ramayan session going on in a village. Lots of people were gathered. The gathering ...
Submitted on : 2008-10-03 19:06:12
Nemani( 1708 views)
It was year 2020 & it was first trip for Nemani to USA. One afternoon while
strolling he came across ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-25 13:54:17
Stow Away.. Fiji Style( 1968 views)
A depressed young woman was so desperate that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-04 11:37:38
Lie Clock( 1691 views)
A man died and went to Heaven.

As he stood in front of the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge ...
Submitted on : 2008-06-26 10:40:29
Only In The North( 2235 views)
An Air Fiji flight, was flying over the Ra passage, on its way from Nadi to Savusavu, and the ...
Submitted on : 2008-06-20 14:37:40
A Ni Cava Vei Au A Toa( 1669 views)
O Tui Rabe, dua a gauna a gade mai Suva o watina ka lai dede sara tiko nona lako ...
Submitted on : 2008-05-19 11:14:03
Only in Fiji( 2032 views)
There was this little guy sitting in Bali High NiteClub, drinking his beer,

minding his own business when all of ...