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Submitted on : 2009-09-02 22:42:35
Transparent Condoms( 3290 views)
Q: Why are condoms transparent?

A: So that the sperms can at least enjoy the scene even if their entry ...
Submitted on : 2009-08-26 17:40:00
Irish Coffee( 2466 views)
An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his advice in reviving her husband's libido.

'What ...
Submitted on : 2009-08-26 16:55:19
No Pets In School( 2376 views)
A small boy brings a cat to school one day. The teacher immediately asks the boy to come to ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-25 02:56:04
Gay Sperm( 1918 views)
What did one gay sperm say to the other?

I cant find my way through all this shit. ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-25 02:55:03
Sex With Eyes( 3055 views)
A young girl was not feeling well and so finally she went to her family

Young lady, the doctor ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-25 02:41:44
Original Sin( 2283 views)
A prostitute mistook a Salvation Army man for a soldier and propositioned him.

Mam, you may be forgiven as a ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-25 01:42:10
No Farts Please( 2185 views)
Bob joins a very exclusive nudist colony. On his first day he takes off his clothes and starts wandering ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-25 01:19:20
An Hour Of Pleasure( 7945 views)
The Dean of Women at an exclusive girls school was
lecturing her students on morality.

We live today in very ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-24 22:34:19
The Jar Of Vaseline( 1808 views)
Joe wanted to buy a motorbike. He doesn't have much luck until, one day; he comes across a Harley ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-16 17:51:06
Clean-shaven Prostitute( 2255 views)
A man gets into bed with a prostitute and notices her clean shaven private parts.

He asked her why she ...