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Looking For Trouble( 754 views)
Mr and Mrs Brendon had two sons. One was named Mind Your Own Business & the other was named ...
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Big People Words( 433 views)
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Act Of Charity( 496 views)
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New Hair( 141 views)
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She was a bit shaken, but got ...
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Trying to be funny, the daddy says, "Honey, ...



Fiji Link to get new aircraftFiji Link is expected to get their second new aircraft- the ATR 42-600 next month.
Singh interested in Ba coaching roleFormer Lautoka coach Dennis Singh has declared his interest in coaching the traditional Fijian football giants Ba.
'Green'-tinted SUVs at Seoul Motor ShowGas-guzzling SUVs, eco-friendly electric cars and the odd brave attempt to marry the selling points of both are taking centre stage at the biennial Seoul Motor Show.
Only call details given to police in 670 cases: VFVodafone Fiji says it provided call details in 670 cases to police on the production of a search warrant or court order, but does not listen to or record calls, and could not provide such information.
5 Seconds of Summer announce Aust, NZ showsHot on the heels of selling out two shows at Londonís iconic Wembley Arena, the chart-topping Sydney boys are heading out on the road to play their first-ever headline Australian and New Zealand arena shows, touring in support of their recently released self-titled #1 smash hit debut album.
Clean-up day to curb dengue outbreakFiji's Ministry of Health has declared a clean-up day next Thursday for residents in the central division as it ups the tempo against a dengue fever outbreak currently experienced in the country.