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Submitted on : 2009-06-30 01:33:01
Born In India( 1469 views)
Boss: Where were you born?
Sardar: India ...
Boss: Which part?
Sardar: What 'which part?' The whole body was ...
Submitted on : 2009-06-09 08:38:14
Clinton The Hairstylist( 1394 views)
Q. What would you call Bill Clinton if he became a hairstylist?
A. 'Billu' Barber. ...
Submitted on : 2009-05-30 01:24:29
An Indian Mums Advice To Her Son( 1585 views)
1960s - Beta, apne caste ki ladki se hi shaadi karna.
1970s - Beta, apne religion ki ladki se hi ...
Submitted on : 2009-05-18 02:41:50
Main Kyon Roko( 1953 views)
Wife: Suniyeji, aap ka dost galat larki se shaadi kar raha hai. Aap usse rokte kyon nahi?
Husband: Main kyon ...
Submitted on : 2009-05-18 02:38:44
Kiss & Make It Go Away( 1974 views)
A couple at bus station.
GIRL: My hand is painful ...
BOY: Kisses her hand ... after some time
GIRL: My ...
Submitted on : 2009-05-08 23:01:54
If Accountants Produced Movies ...( 1438 views)
1. Munnabhai CA
2. Hamara Ledger Aapke Paas Hai
3. Kaho Na Depreciation Hai
4. Journal Se Balance Sheet Tak
5. Kabhi Credit ...
Submitted on : 2009-04-28 18:39:34
Jijaji's Radha( 1801 views)
A man jumps onto his bed and starts making love.

Woman in bed says, Jijaji main aap ke biwi nahi ...
Submitted on : 2009-04-22 16:50:56
Doubt( 1636 views)
In some remote village of India, one masterji is teaching the Mahabharat katha to class 6 students. He is ...
Submitted on : 2009-04-22 11:52:01
Ajit and Michael( 1346 views)
(Scene - Ajit get’s hold of his favourite hero & then directs his chela.)
AJIT : Maikal, Is saale ke ...
Submitted on : 2009-04-22 11:18:07
Ajit and Mona Daarrling( 1583 views)
AJIT : Mona daarrling, tum Toni ke saath ghuumna band kar do, nahin to bahut MonaToni ho jayegee… ...