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Submitted on : 2013-03-18 14:15:11
Marathon Swim( 2775 views)
Three men were stranded on an uninhabited island. One was Hindu, one a Muslim, and the other a Sikh. ...
Submitted on : 2013-03-15 09:34:49
Hidden Cameras( 3294 views)
Jasmeet Kaur caught her husband Santa Singh searching high and low all around his living room.

Jasmeet: "What are you ...
Submitted on : 2013-03-14 09:58:09
12 Seconds( 2757 views)
Singh died and went to Heaven. When he got to the pearly gate St Peter told him that new ...
Submitted on : 2013-03-14 09:51:26
Who Is Relaxing?( 2319 views)
One Singh was enjoying the sun at the beach in America. A lady came and asked him, "Are ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-14 21:34:24
Ladka Paida( 2042 views)
Nurse: Mubarak ho aap ke ghar ladka paida hua hai.

Santa: Wah G wahh kya ultra technology hai, biwi meri ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-14 21:31:51
Google Kaur( 1824 views)
Santa: Tumhari biwi ka kya naam hai?

Banta: Google Kaur.

Santa: Ye kaisa naam hai?

Banta: Yaar mein jaha bhi hota hoon, ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-14 21:29:43
Memory Card( 1432 views)
Santa: Mujhe mobile me MP3 songs dalwane hai.

Mobile Shop Wala: Memory card hai kya?

Santa: Nahi memory card nahi hai, ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-29 14:11:13
Cure For Sickness( 1964 views)
Sardar sent SMS to his boss: "Me sick, no work."

Boss sent an SMS back: "When I am sick I ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-12 21:48:36
Loan For Marriage( 2294 views)
A Haryanvi bought a car on loan from a bank. He didnt pay the dues, the bank took away ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-10 19:22:10
Letter To Microsoft( 1712 views)
Dear Mr Gates,

This letter is from Banta Singh from Punjab. We have bought a computer for our home ...