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Submitted on : 2014-04-01 16:41:15
Scientists' Competition( 2225 views)
Once there was a competition conducted with scientists from America, France and China.

The Americans reported: "We crossed chickens with ...
Submitted on : 2013-06-06 16:19:48
Call Centre( 1222 views)
Caller: Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan?

Operator: Yes, you can speak to me.

Caller: No, I want to speak ...
Submitted on : 2012-05-30 19:22:13
Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes( 1929 views)
Here are some English phrases and what we think are their Chinese equivalents:

1) That's not right ... Sum Ting ...
Submitted on : 2009-09-02 22:53:58
Adam & Eve( 3433 views)
Q: If Adam and Eve were Chinese, why would we still be in Paradise?

A: Because they would have ...
Submitted on : 2009-07-25 22:50:57
The Lawyer And The Chinese Man( 2803 views)
The lawyer thinking he could easily fool a Chinese man asks if the Chinese man would like to play ...
Submitted on : 2009-02-08 14:42:34
Pet Shop( 2829 views)
A man walks into a pet shop and asks the salesman who happens to be a chinese how much ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-28 15:14:50
Bank Loan( 2864 views)

A Chinese man walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer.He tells the ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-27 15:15:06
Chinese Laundry( 2803 views)
A woman was unhappy with the way her laundry was done at the local Chinese Laundry, so she wrote ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-27 14:27:45
Sem Ting( 2837 views)
Walking through Chinatown, a tourist is fascinated with all the Chinese restaurants, shops, signs and banners.
He turns a ...
Submitted on : 2008-09-21 13:54:45
Parking Fine( 2725 views)
Ah Beng comes back 2 his car & find a note saying 'Parking Fine' ...