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Submitted on : 2014-10-17 16:39:49
Farm Sale( 589 views)
One day, a man went to a nearby farm to buy some of the animals that were for sale ...
Submitted on : 2014-07-11 09:56:55
Hair Remover( 748 views)
A lady took her pet schnauzer to the vet. The dog had been scratching its ears. The vet explained ...
Submitted on : 2014-06-02 17:00:57
Cat Scan( 638 views)
A woman took her dog to the vet. She said, "I think my dog is dead". The doctor laid ...
Submitted on : 2014-02-17 16:42:56
Dog Shit( 612 views)
I was walking along the street the other day when I slipped in dog shit. A minute later, some ...
Submitted on : 2013-11-26 09:06:05
Bush Toilet( 728 views)
A bear and a rabbit were having a shit in the bushes.

The bear asked the rabbit: Do you ...
Submitted on : 2013-11-20 11:17:05
Panda Bill( 683 views)
A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down, and orders a sandwich. He eats the sandwich, pulls out a ...
Submitted on : 2013-05-06 16:25:18
Panda Bear( 791 views)
A panda bear walks into a restaurant. He orders the special and eats it. After eating, he pulls out ...
Submitted on : 2013-02-21 16:32:20
Young Cock( 907 views)
A farmer buys a young cock. As soon as it comes home, it rushes & has sex with all ...
Submitted on : 2013-02-15 17:00:45
Cow Herd( 806 views)
A lady from the city and her traveling companion were riding the train through the countryside when she noticed ...
Submitted on : 2013-02-15 16:52:09
Lost Book( 836 views)
A devout cowboy lost his favorite book while he was mending fences out on the range.

Three weeks later, ...