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Submitted on : 2012-11-01 20:25:25
Lesson In Government( 2048 views)
A teacher was teaching her second grade class about the government, so for homework that one day, she told ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-01 16:52:58
Having A Wife( 1707 views)
At Sunday School, they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings.

Little Johnny seemed especially intent when they ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-01 16:50:28
Toy Plane( 1371 views)
Once little Johnny went into a shop he took a toy plane and gave the shopkeeper fake money.

So, the ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-01 16:48:59
Instant Winner( 632 views)
Little Johnny and his dad went shopping at the grocery store. Walking down an aisle, Johnny asked his dad ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-01 16:36:49
Turned To Stone( 1630 views)
Three boys are playing outside just after dark when one of them noticed a light on in a window.

Billy ...
Submitted on : 2012-10-01 16:33:45
Home With Teacher( 669 views)
"Class dismissed!" the teacher yelled.

Little Johnny doesn't go, he walks to the teachers desk and says, "Teacher can I ...
Submitted on : 2012-08-29 16:14:56
Mountain Bike( 1169 views)
Father came home from a long business trip to find his son riding a new mountain bike.

"Where did ...
Submitted on : 2012-08-29 16:11:16
Mole On The Ass( 1268 views)
It was little Johnny's first day in school, so his father looked up the teacher. He told her that ...
Submitted on : 2012-08-29 16:05:07
Unlce Eddie( 1166 views)
The Sunday School classes assignment was to prepare a story with a moral.

Little Suzy went first. "My dad ...
Submitted on : 2012-08-29 15:59:45
Homework Reality( 679 views)
Lil' Johnny asked his father for help with a homework assignment, "Dad, what's the difference between potential and reality?"

His ...