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Submitted on : 2012-07-18 15:28:07
Misbehaving Phone Call( 1788 views)
Little Johnny had just returned from his summer break and gone back to school. Three days later his teacher ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-18 14:50:52
A Big Grave( 2094 views)
One day little Johnny was digging a hole in his back yard. The next-door neighbour spotted him and decided ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-18 14:48:31
Spelling Lessons( 1450 views)
Little Johnny wasn't a very good speller.

One day, during a spelling exam, the teacher wrote the word "new" ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-18 14:46:31
Basic Maths( 2175 views)
"If you had a dollar," quizzed the teacher, "and you asked your father for another dollar and fifty cents, ...
Submitted on : 2012-07-11 14:39:45
Cousin Mike( 1054 views)
Little Mike, Jonny's cousin is worse than Jonny ever could be.

One day before Christmas little Mike was talking to ...
Submitted on : 2012-06-27 17:52:32
Birds And The Bees( 1615 views)
On his 10th birthday, little Johnny's father took him aside. "I think you're old enough now that we should ...
Submitted on : 2012-06-27 17:51:46
Man Of The House( 1667 views)
Little Johnny's dad had to go out of town on a business trip. So he squats down to have ...
Submitted on : 2012-06-27 17:50:29
Who's Looking Stupid?( 1432 views)
A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, "Everyone ...
Submitted on : 2012-06-07 16:59:34
I Know The Truth( 1293 views)
At school Little Johnny was told by a classmate that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret, ...
Submitted on : 2012-05-31 16:12:17
Johnny Takes It All Off( 1285 views)
Little Johnny comes home from school with a note from his teacher, indicating that "Johnny seems to be ...