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My Fiji Gang
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almost kissed a gal while playing with a bottle with her...she was Sonia...damn...i got hyper i guess dnt know wea she is
used to smoke !!!!!i in school
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
i was very cheeky during skol times but my best friend use to get the blames for my
i dint lke my class 2 teacher she ws a bi**h....
nahh crushes till now....:)
I shouldn\'t she might call me....
...not really....except I had an eye on other girls havin a flinch on our class prefect.....
Nah... Didn\\\\\\\'t have any crush on anyone since most of them were ma couzzies!!!
a guy whom we later on work with for years now
Playin zuru with the rest of the gang....Mere, Merelita, Susana n others....
my birthday at school
hanging out wid frens........stealin
Having my Exam while Iam pissed
Scoring the highest mark from the school in the Fiji Eighth Year Examination and enrolled at Queen Victoria School the follow
Number : 58
Number : 56
Number : 54
Number : 53
Number : 50
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 51
Number : 50
Number : 49
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 52
Number : 52
Number : 50



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