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I will tell you later.
iT kinDa bOred M3 oUt>>>in A waY
lotu is most priority!!!!!! lotu me latu gaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
French leave in Form 5 just because we were all hungry and our parents were not visiting us during those times since it was c
I am caring, loving honest and romatic girl looking for a man for my lifeparttner and long term relation and if we work well
nah....aint interested .......................
nah..... too young for that
nah........was not into that during my days in primary school
Didn\'t have one was too young
cant figure out on wo i had a crush
Having my Exam while Iam pissed
1998 when we chased Tailevu united from the Marist grounds after the Coke Games
Kissing my crush behind the classroom
Playing wid all dose goodies brought by the tourists....Well I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m the lucky one wid Fi cuz we u
choro choro mangoes from house which was near to da school during recess time.....hehehee dis is funny catching buttterflies
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