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Ummm?..... i couldn\'t stop staring at the teachers that one of them confession?...
Mendatory to multiplication tables@primary level, high school aims were to gain highest marks and was rewarded with many gift
am a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good
everything is possible with god
really hate primary school
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
nd undestande with trust
noneeeeeeeeee.............hellll no i hav a crush in dis schollllll.....LOL
had heaps!....haha especially goin to high school haha l0lz...
hhhmmmmmm....daT tym>>NON3!!
my best memory when we won the deans trophy in 2006
leaving school after form 6
...made some really good friends n did do much naughty things...., best althletic & netball player going for Twisities game
Walking to and from school along the dusty kings highway every morning and afternoon
neat atmosphere, care free and great teachers. Friends, I miss em all...
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