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My Fiji Gang
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ummm gotta tink bout dat...
I stepped school many times
French leave in Form 5 just because we were all hungry and our parents were not visiting us during those times since it was c
Used to hate Fijian classes.....lmao
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Duh!!! Didn\\\'t I say that its an all girl\\\'s school......Hahahhaha... Unless m a lesbo which am not of course.......lmao
mmmm childhood sagai na vuli!
none.......coz we were saintsat d@ time...!!
Too many to choose trom
when i meet a girl in school and i didnt wanted her and after all i like her
Detention.................esp wen its a group thing! Goin out for field tripz with ma form mates...dang! dat was the best p
Writing those fake love letters to all those Tai boys with the Daylite Seekers.......Remember Bisa; pink dress......lmao.....
hanging out wid frens........stealin
Going to town of Fridays....half day
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