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Ate wiriwiri in class one that caused me to vomit all throughout the nite. Ma mom asked me what I ate but didn\\\\\\\'t tell
French leave in Form 5 just because we were all hungry and our parents were not visiting us during those times since it was c
they have tried to be gud 2 cea enermies n dat is de gal frm de aca side n try 2 be gud 2222 cem
i dint lke my class 2 teacher she ws a bi**h....
nah i was a kind of good kid
Hehe this better be a secret!!
loads of nice girls in the island.awsomme!!
Duh!!! Didn\\\\\\\'t I say that its an all girl\\\\\\\'s school......Hahahhaha... Unless m a lesbo which am not of course....
None i had none, i was concerntrating on my teacher, sorry....
cant say muchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
i am looking for firendship with trust
I\'ve been selected to be a class captain..........
When i came first in class every year except in Class 5
Best memory is all the sports daes n dancin with my friends in a concert..
being the captain for the school rugby team... and also being a school prefect
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