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My Fiji Gang
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Iam sori to all those whoz feelings I have ever hurt.
well boarding life is very exciting & try on new things all the time & play truant often.well i\\\'ll just ke
Growing up too fast in America Unsure of what I really wanted to do
Throwing a duster at Class Teacher............
iT kinDa bOred M3 oUt>>>in A waY
We were enjoying over there
Didn\'t have one was too young
Jennifer from St Joseph\'s
Nah ......m always hangin wit boys.......dey were my more lyk a tomboy back in primary
the days i used to spend in school...and study during the nites in school..lolz
hanging out wid frens........stealin
best of all...hahhahaa
choro choro mangoes from house which was near to da school during recess time.....hehehee dis is funny catching buttterflies
everyday was precious!! my best times and with best friends!!!... x0x0
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