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Never return to school one day when I went for lunch @ home, nobody knew about it, even my teacher
Drinking Acohol during school hours
I hate homeworks seriously it sucks..!!!!
WEn I HIdE 1 Mi ClAsSmaTeZ glass....must be korean..........................hate wen they sleep.its so irritatin.aniwae get c
Growing up too fast in America Unsure of what I really wanted to do
i don\'t know.don\'t even know what that means
I shouldn\'t she might call me....
Hhhmmm had one, and have a confession for him..lmao I was 12 then..
ummm naa no crushes... SERIOUSLY....
Mmmmm....he was a frend of mine...and at the same tym .....i kinda had a thing for him
best of all...hahhahaa
winning the western secondary schools rugby 7s
can\\\\\\\'t remember.
Zone Meets , Field Trips Outter Viti Levu ! ahh thaa good times lool
There is to many to mention.
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