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My Fiji Gang
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I stepped school many times
i was the student hu teased our maths teacher
Ate wiriwiri in class one that caused me to vomit all throughout the nite. Ma mom asked me what I ate but didn\\\\\\\'t tell
ooh..2 muj....ahh! lets see... french leavs 2 da corner shop wen hungry with da crew... drinking in da hostel afta cadets an
Used to hate Fijian classes.....lmao
I really cant think of any but theres this guy who is always making comments about what I do during class.Very irritating but
not any one particular
I fan that school because that school is where I start to learn or to know how about education is.
Lei....confidential.....she\'ll kill me
Well there was this one gurl whom i had a crush on...we still somtymz tok on the fone..she moved to Lautoka long ago...the la
When I went to my village for the first time......
Playin zuru with the rest of the gang....Mere, Merelita, Susana n others....
winning the western secondary schools rugby 7s
When i was the best in English.
really made alot of frenz and it was just damn great..sota na mita!
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