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My Fiji Gang
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Ate wiriwiri in class one that caused me to vomit all throughout the nite. Ma mom asked me what I ate but didn\\\\\\\'t tell
French leave in Form 5 just because we were all hungry and our parents were not visiting us during those times since it was c
I do not have any.....
ummm gotta tink bout dat...
havin 2 much fun b4 Exam n cen regret @ ce end.........
well it is really hard to say
Nah... Didn\\\\\\\'t have any crush on anyone since most of them were ma couzzies!!!
loads of nice girls in the island.awsomme!!
We were enjoying over there
We were enjoying over there
my birthday at school
Going on our long promotions tours...awesome
Playin zuru with the rest of the gang....Mere, Merelita, Susana n others....
made friends for life... standing upto the Woodwork teacher and getting into trouble with the VP often
sharing lunch with my indians friends..... i miss my roti parcel.....
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