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My Fiji Gang
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a student must ensure that he/she has achieved his/her goals.
Early in the morning just come n copy the home work n get the lastest gossip.........!
i was very cheeky during skol times but my best friend use to get the blames for my
Nothing much because i came from a very religious background and I followed them strictly and i am pleased i did because it m
Hated dem Teachers esp Mrs Mudaliar & Mrs Sanegar arehh wah lool buh heck dont knw wah id do if it weren\'t fo dea strict tea
i was a tomboy den so i wasn\'t rilly interested in any1!!!!!!!!!!
weilei! sa avorosa vaca na kaqo!
am a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good
Ba Sangam Primary School
Nah ......m always hangin wit boys.......dey were my more lyk a tomboy back in primary
Recognized as an Honour Student at Grade 7 & 8
winning the western secondary schools rugby 7s
Playing wid all dose goodies brought by the tourists....Well I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m the lucky one wid Fi cuz we usually get the g
playing rugby agaist wss.
Playin zuru with the rest of the gang....Mere, Merelita, Susana n others....
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