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My Fiji Gang
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i actaullly brot a lighter to school..wen i was in class a hiding from da headteacher at dat time...went off crying...
i was a good boy always.
HAving to lose the rub tour
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
ok......i did not run well..n i always hi jack...books jus so i can read them.....but i return dear
Lei....confidential.....she\'ll kill me
had a big crush on a gal named have da guts to her thou...boy i used to get rili shy wen i saw her...dam
P..L..I..Z..Z..i was too young to hav a crush @ dat in particular!
Nah... Didn\\\\\\\'t have any crush on anyone since most of them were ma couzzies!!!
my skul used to crush wid da gals skul near de rewa bridge n dat is dilkusha gal skul.
catching 2 centipedes...with my best frend while in form 4...for our science
playing soocer 4 da skul! tamani socceroo!
I\'ve been selected to be a class captain..........
really made alot of frenz and it was just damn great..sota na mita!
Making lovo that was on the Viti Dua
Number : 58
Number : 56
Number : 55
Number : 53
Number : 50
Number : 54
Number : 53
Number : 51
Number : 50
Number : 49
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 52
Number : 52
Number : 50



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