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My Fiji Gang
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everything is possible with god
I do not have any.....
Sch for the Fijian Rich & Famous
I hate my Economics Teacher.
i was the student hu teased our maths teacher
my skul used to crush wid da gals skul near de rewa bridge n dat is dilkusha gal skul.
noneeeeeeeeee.............hellll no i hav a crush in dis schollllll.....LOL
Nah ......m always hangin wit boys.......dey were my more lyk a tomboy back in primary
ummm naa no crushes... SERIOUSLY....
We were enjoying over there
Honor student form year 9 & 10
to be the top chix there
There is to many to mention.
Araya Sports Day ... where all my friends from other Araya schools came over.
passing my exam to come to the city for futher studies
Number : 58
Number : 55
Number : 54
Number : 53
Number : 50
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 51
Number : 50
Number : 49
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 52
Number : 51
Number : 50



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