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My Fiji Gang
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a student must ensure that he/she has achieved his/her goals.
i hav no confession tp dis school..............................
i missed too many days but still learnt everything
I hate homeworks seriously it sucks..!!!!
I am Honest,caring and Loving.I enjoy fishing,swimming,movies,cooking,dancing,sports,holding hands and spending quality times
not any one particular
Brisco - my puppy dog
not really..... rarely i think.
nah..... too young for that
i don\'t know.don\'t even know what that means
Scoring the highest mark from the school in the Fiji Eighth Year Examination and enrolled at Queen Victoria School the follow
Writing those fake love letters to all those Tai boys with the Daylite Seekers.......Remember Bisa; pink dress......lmao.....
wen i scored 2nd highest in de FIE............oh yeah being elected as de deputy head gal!!!
hanging out wid frens........stealin
am a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good
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