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almost kissed a gal while playing with a bottle with her...she was Sonia...damn...i got hyper i guess dnt know wea she is
i was the student hu teased our maths teacher
wellour skul has 2 confess only 1 thing and that is that we have increased from 29% to 79% how abt that and besides 29% was o
I am caring, loving honest and romatic girl looking for a man for my lifeparttner and long term relation and if we work well
il keep it as a secret
hate my Accounting teacher while m in Form 6 (2005)
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
Back than ! never rilly had a crush back den lolz
Need not to mention it though.... !!
cant figure out on wo i had a crush
Writing those fake love letters to all those Tai boys with the Daylite Seekers.......Remember Bisa; pink dress......lmao.....
I\'ve been selected to be a class captain..........
Having my Exam while Iam pissed
coming 2nd class 6 i think
winning the school rugby deans in 2007 and having fun with friends window shopping in town
Number : 58
Number : 56
Number : 55
Number : 53
Number : 50
Number : 54
Number : 53
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Number : 53
Number : 53
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Number : 52
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