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My Fiji Gang
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used to smoke !!!!!i in school
I \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will t
i cheated in class 1 lol
I hate my Economics Teacher.
uummm... cant think of one know but will update soon.
had one in gospel but cant remember her name it was bk in 1998 though
Maths suks........... bt actually hav 2 sit 4 it durin exam......
none.......coz we were saintsat d@ time...!!
cant figure out on wo i had a crush
hhhmmmmmm....daT tym>>NON3!!
deas is plenty...but da most favourite 1 is wen v had gone for a field trip round da island of vitilevu...boy was it fun
teachers are funny......we hav to hookup wid indian frenz...
school days in Stella Maris
When we represented the school in the CF Secondary School rally
playing soocer 4 da skul! tamani socceroo!
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