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I hate my class mathz teacher,in fm3
More flooding and we are sorry.
uummm... cant think of one know but will update soon.
every day life brings new things and all this help us in life.every day life brings new things and all this help us in life.e
Ummm?..... i couldn\'t stop staring at the teachers that one of them confession?...
We were enjoying over there
school crush ya! Secert.
ok...he was in the academy in 2007....and....he kinda like me too...and things started from there....
hihi!!! isnt the point of having crushes supposed to be a secret????
Ba Sangam Primary School
playing rugby agaist wss.
Having our own Super 12 tourney in class...during recess and lunch....
Kissing my crush behind the classroom
choro choro mangoes from house which was near to da school during recess time.....hehehee dis is funny catching buttterflies
can\\\\\\\'t remember.
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Number : 53
Number : 53
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Number : 53
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