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More flooding and we are sorry.
i was not concentrating 2 much on i knw y its important 2 do so....
i was the student hu teased our maths teacher
Growing up too fast in America Unsure of what I really wanted to do
damaging mah class room wall
uuuuu...ra dau bini mai tai....
well it is really hard to say
hmmmm...too young to have
Too many to choose trom
Well, have the opportunity to share life with others and leaarn new teens behaviour!!!
coming first every year !!
Running away frm school
Representing my College in school events
Too many but one takes the cake. In class 3 we were told that the dentsit will visit school to check on every student. As you
passing my exam to come to the city for futher studies
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Number : 53
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Number : 52
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