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My Fiji Gang
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Used to hate Fijian classes.....lmao
I am Honest,caring and Loving.I enjoy fishing,swimming,movies,cooking,dancing,sports,holding hands and spending quality times
no confession........
Hated dem Teachers esp Mrs Mudaliar & Mrs Sanegar arehh wah lool buh heck dont knw wah id do if it weren\'t fo dea strict tea
Naughtiest kid in can i confess to that?... hell,i was the bad ass!!
Brisco - my puppy dog
I forgot her name...???
Too young.....and too busy catching small fish in the near by river
weilei! sa avorosa vaca na kaqo!
One girl in another form
w3L every sports day wud b3 it:D
when i was in form six in year 2005 and was elected as the college prefect .and many more
WHEn de BULU houz won de interhouse ! YES!!!!!! BULU HOUZ- BOYZ GRADE & de overall boyz
stepping school in class 1 and getting caught afterwards
When I went to my village for the first time......
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