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My Fiji Gang
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everything is possible with god
i was a good boy always.
Hardwork Leads to Success!!
I hate my Economics Teacher.
none.........i was a good gal in
nd undestande with trust
Need not to mention it though.... !!
I will tell you later.
Lei....confidential.....she\'ll kill me
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
Training every morning @ the school ground
winning the school rugby deans in 2007 and having fun with friends window shopping in town
Getting picked to Captain the School\\\'s netball team to the netball tournament which was held in Lautoka & being chosen as
best of all...hahhahaa
When we went for a school trip around Labasa. we went to malau and the FSC MILL, to the Labasa airport.
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Happy Birthday