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My Fiji Gang
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i was the student hu teased our maths teacher
teaches me to discipline
We played a prank on our class 4 caught anyway
ok......i did not run well..n i always hi jack...books jus so i can read them.....but i return dear
French leave in Form 5 just because we were all hungry and our parents were not visiting us during those times since it was c
none in particular wait i think
I wuz can\'t believe it
had one in gospel but cant remember her name it was bk in 1998 though
I shouldn\'t she might call me....
none i guess,coz most of the students we went to school together were relatives.......................
walking home with my mates nd thn chillaxin til lyk 6 in the evenin thn botsin it bak hme......
Winning a silver medal for my school during the COKES GAMES back in 2005 in the long jump and triple jump inter-boys.
Going on our long promotions tours...awesome
The best memory is wen there is a double period for P.E and also double period in English. By dat tym Mr Tuicakau was our P.E
Winning the CTA Netball Tour
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Number : 56
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Number : 54
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Number : 50
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Number : 53
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Number : 52
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