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Never return to school one day when I went for lunch @ home, nobody knew about it, even my teacher
I do not have any.....
stepping school & going swimming with my friends.well that didn\\\'t went well cause i fell & hurt myself on the back & i ge
iTs actuALLy 2 stricT & we GEt wacks everytym<
I hate my class 7 teacher.
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
My high school crush is my future............met him during high school years we both attended the same school...............
i dont remember any. ....
nah........was not into that during my days in primary school
Too young.....and too busy catching small fish in the near by river
I am caring, loving honest and romatic girl looking for a man for my lifeparttner and long term relation and if we work well
Being the wel-known kid in school....coz you get to hav anfin you want!
When we represented the school in the CF Secondary School rally
Had great child -hood friends; Brij Narayan , Jioji Kanusi, Indar Deo, Isad Ali, Raj Kamal and others@ primary level. During
when i meet a girl in school and i didnt wanted her and after all i like her
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