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:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Ate wiriwiri in class one that caused me to vomit all throughout the nite. Ma mom asked me what I ate but didn\\\\\\\'t tell
am a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good looking a good
i put the thumb tacks on the teachers chair in class 5
I will tell you later.
uuuuu...ra dau bini mai tai....
i don\'t know.don\'t even know what that means
Duh!!! Didn\\\\\\\'t I say that its an all girl\\\\\\\'s school......Hahahhaha... Unless m a lesbo which am not of course.... crush was on a gal named sonia
Too many to choose trom
thea wa alot actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can\\\\\\\'t remember.
I had alot of good many to mention..................................
coming 2nd class 6 i think
Getting picked to Captain the School\\\'s netball team to the netball tournament which was held in Lautoka & being chosen as
Number : 58
Number : 55
Number : 54
Number : 53
Number : 50
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 51
Number : 50
Number : 49
Number : 53
Number : 53
Number : 52
Number : 51
Number : 50



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