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My Fiji Gang
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French leave in Form 5 just because we were all hungry and our parents were not visiting us during those times since it was c
i was a maths GEEK back then........but now turn out to be the worst of all the worst
lotu is most priority!!!!!! lotu me latu gaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
i missed too many days but still learnt everything
havin 2 much fun b4 Exam n cen regret @ ce end.........
school crush?? well lett me see....too many to name...hahhaha Yeahh rite...No crush....
not any one particular
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
queen victoria and all the zone two associates sagai na vuli!
The teacher would make us sleep for an hour after lunch.....
My first learning school.
d best memory of dis skull is dat m related wid all my class mates so theres no difference in d class.....we hav to go out to
The best memory is wen there is a double period for P.E and also double period in English. By dat tym Mr Tuicakau was our P.E
playing soocer 4 da skul! tamani socceroo!
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