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ummm gotta tink bout dat...
everything is possible with god
iT kinDa bOred M3 oUt>>>in A waY
i used to hate our head teacher n the prefects...they wont let my friends n durin recess n lunch...lolz
Ate wiriwiri in class one that caused me to vomit all throughout the nite. Ma mom asked me what I ate but didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Too early for any crush but there was a girl by the name of Vinita and Sangeeta that I have a crush. Funny when i think about
hhhmmmmmm....daT tym>>NON3!!
My high school crush is my future............met him during high school years we both attended the same school...............
a guy whom we later on work with for years now
Didn\'t have one was too young
teachers are funny......we hav to hookup wid indian frenz...
Zone Meets , Field Trips Outter Viti Levu ! ahh thaa good times lool
Being the wel-known kid in school....coz you get to hav anfin you want!
walking home with my mates nd thn chillaxin til lyk 6 in the evenin thn botsin it bak hme......
really made alot of frenz and it was just damn great..sota na mita!
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