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My Fiji Gang
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i was very cheeky during skol times but my best friend use to get the blames for my
i am looking for undestande with trust
I am Honest,caring and Loving.I enjoy fishing,swimming,movies,cooking,dancing,sports,holding hands and spending quality times
with the years at the school...there\'s too much confession to be told here...
no school confession...lmao...thats for me to know and for you to find out...hehhe
I fan that school because that school is where I start to learn or to know how about education is.
cant figure out on wo i had a crush
I forgot her name...???
Brisco - my puppy dog
comes late everyday and climb our back gate to gain entrance
school days in Stella Maris
My first learning school.
laughin and runnin in class wit da sasa broom!! sliddin down da railings.... umm...too many to put down,, id probably tak all
second highest in ca fjc exam
inter house...zones....playin buka at the prefect for class funny...eattin c
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