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My Fiji Gang
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i hav no confession tp dis school..............................
lotu is most priority!!!!!! lotu me latu gaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
Ate wiriwiri in class one that caused me to vomit all throughout the nite. Ma mom asked me what I ate but didn\\\\\\\'t tell
well boarding life is very exciting & try on new things all the time & play truant often.well i\\\'ll just ke
Iam sori to all those whoz feelings I have ever hurt.
had one in gospel but cant remember her name it was bk in 1998 though
none i guess,coz most of the students we went to school together were relatives.......................
Well, have the opportunity to share life with others and leaarn new teens behaviour!!!
not really..... rarely i think.
not any one particular
everyday was precious!! my best times and with best friends!!!... x0x0
Playin zuru with the rest of the gang....Mere, Merelita, Susana n others....
wen we had our sch tour in 2007 n we want 2 sneak out frm our villa 2 go out 4 clubbin n had been kot by 1 of our teachers...
second highest in ca fjc exam
Writing those fake love letters to all those Tai boys with the Daylite Seekers.......Remember Bisa; pink dress......lmao.....
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