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Hardwork Leads to Success!!
I am Honest,caring and Loving.I enjoy fishing,swimming,movies,cooking,dancing,sports,holding hands and spending quality times
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
ummm!!!!!!! well it was me and my group that broke one of the new set of louvres and no one tend to stand up and say that it
one of the best school in laautoka !dicipline school
hhhmmmmmm....daT tym>>NON3!!
ok...he was in the academy in 2007....and....he kinda like me too...and things started from there....
P..L..I..Z..Z..i was too young to hav a crush @ dat in particular!
Hmmmm she was in form 503.
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
Getting picked to Captain the School\\\'s netball team to the netball tournament which was held in Lautoka & being chosen as
school days in Stella Maris
Watching movies on Sat nights in the hall....great boarding experience
coming 2nd class 6 i think
Going to the river for a swim every now and then and during school breaks
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