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My Fiji Gang
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none.........i was a good gal in
One day i put superglue on my teachers seat and he sat on it!!!! =]
no confession........
I will tell you later.
I hate my class mathz teacher,in fm3
Lei....confidential.....she\'ll kill me
none i guess,coz most of the students we went to school together were relatives.......................
I \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will tell you laterI \'will t
Duh!!! Didn\\\'t I say that its an all girl\\\'s school......Hahahhaha... Unless m a lesbo which am not of course.......lmao
had really good friends
well i wud hav 2 saybeing told off by mrs naisoro in the spice room wat a laug talk about pote.....oh and yeah stepping class
playing rugby agaist wss.
Walking to and from school along the dusty kings highway every morning and afternoon
Best memory is all the sports daes n dancin with my friends in a concert..
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