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My Fiji Gang
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teaches me to discipline
lotu is most priority!!!!!! lotu me latu gaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
Sch for the Fijian Rich & Famous
almost kissed a gal while playing with a bottle with her...she was Sonia...damn...i got hyper i guess dnt know wea she is
well one morning we were playing in the classroom with the volleyball ball & accidently hit the globe on top.i cleaned up the
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
I fan that school because that school is where I start to learn or to know how about education is.
nd undestande with trust
We were enjoying over there
Hhhmmm had one, and have a confession for him..lmao I was 12 then..
plenty cant list here ,and cant even recall for the moment ..............laterz
Writing those fake love letters to all those Tai boys with the Daylite Seekers.......Remember Bisa; pink dress......lmao.....
I will tell you later.
sharing lunch with my indians friends..... i miss my roti parcel.....
Ba Sangam Primary School
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Number : 53
Number : 53
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Number : 50
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Number : 53
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Number : 52
Number : 50



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