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My Fiji Gang
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i was a very quite person during my school days....
i was not concentrating 2 much on i knw y its important 2 do so....
I hate my Economics Teacher.
ooh..2 muj....ahh! lets see... french leavs 2 da corner shop wen hungry with da crew... drinking in da hostel afta cadets an
i was very cheeky during skol times but my best friend use to get the blames for my
hihi!!! isnt the point of having crushes supposed to be a secret????
Rizzie.... Dang he has dis nice catty eyes.....lmao.......
ok...he was in the academy in 2007....and....he kinda like me too...and things started from there....
sshhh...that\\\'s a secret..LOL!!
Duh!!! Didn\\\'t I say that its an all girl\\\'s school......Hahahhaha... Unless m a lesbo which am not of course.......lmao
i am looking for firendship with trust
My first learning school.
Going to town of Fridays....half day
Having my Exam while Iam pissed
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