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Dr Khan disbarred, Mishra, Raza fined


May 04, 2011 12:00:00 AM

A clearly shaken Dr Muhammad Shamsud-Dean Sahu Khan had to be consoled by his daughter today after hearing that he was no longer part of Fiji’s legal fraternity.

Dr Sahu Khan was today disbarred from practicing law after he was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Independent Legal Service Commission.

The Ba lawyer failed to comply with a Deed of Indemnity and Guarantee which he executed with his client Sashi Kiran in 2006.

In the deed, Dr Sahu Khan had stated that he would take full responsibility for paying Kiran the sum of $120,000 if the civil suit they filed against the Registrar of Titles and the Attorney General’s office was dismissed.

Following Dr Sahu Khan’s failure to comply with the deed, his client, Sashi Kiran had to pay the $120,000 that was supposed to be paid by him.

In sentencing Dr. Sahu Khan, Commissioner John Connors labelled the Ba lawyer’s conduct as a “disgrace” and “reprehensible”.

And as punishment for his act, Commissioner Connors ordered that Dr Sahu Khan’s name be “struck from the roll of legal practitioners” and to indemnify Kiran with respect to any money paid by her as a result of his actions.

Commissioner Connors then ordered the Fiji Football Association president to pay all principal and interest owing on the loan in the sum of $120,000 referred to in the deed of guarantee and indemnity with 28 days.

Dr Sahu Khan was also ordered to pay a further sum of $478 in witness expenses to the Commission.

He was then asked to lodge his passport with the Commission within 24 hours for retention until all the orders have been complied with.

Meanwhile Vipul Mishra and Mehboob Raza managed to escape with fines for their professional misconduct charges.

Mishra who after hearing his sentence apologised for his act, was ordered to pay a total sum of $10,241.83 within 28 days and do all things necessary to facilitate the removal of Sashi Kiran’s mortgage whether by legal action or payment of the mortgage before December 31, 2011.

Mishra was then warned that if he did not pay the fine imposed on him within the requested time, then his license would be suspended.

Meanwhile, Mehboob Raza was ordered by Commissioner Connors to pay a sum of $10,713.50 or face a similar suspension of his legal practicing certificate.

By Repeka Nasiko


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