July 26, 2012 12:00:00 AM
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The Psychiatric Survivors Association (PSA) of Fiji is calling for action against a bus driver who told off a psychiatric survivor after he gave his Department of Social Welfare identity card to have his bus fare waived.

“He (bus driver) told me off in front of a full bus that there was nothing wrong with me and I should pay my fare,” said the member (wishing to remain anonymous)," a PSA Statement reads.

He said he had gotten on the bus at the bus stop near Bank of South Pacific opposite Samabula Primary School and looked forward to use his card with a slip he was given by the Land Transport Authority.

He said he felt embarrassed, awkward and overwhelmed so he paid from his own pocket and decided not to use his ID card from that day.

The members of the PSA yesterday attended their monthly meeting at the Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons complex conference room in Suva where the issue was highlighted.

The Ministry of Social Welfare together with LTA and Fiji Bus Operators Association are expected to comment on the issue tomorrow.

By Ropate Valemei


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