August 31, 2012 12:00:00 AM
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The Methodist Church's levy will totally depend on the members’ collective agreement.

General Secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra said the $10 levy was just a proposal and is not finalised yet and has to be agreed by all members.

“We will need to increase the levy to $12 or even $15, but we will need the opinion of the members on this,” said Rev Nawadra.

The church is looking to increase members’ levy in order to meet its growing expenses.

In an earlier interview with FijiLive, Nawadra said with the bazaar not being held this year, they will need to look at other ways to raise money in order to pay for their expenses.

“Church executives from around the divisions have been contacting our main office to inform us that they are finding it hard to pay for church expenses and they are asking us to increase the levies given to the church by the members."

“The money raised  through levy collection is used to pay for church bills and other things the church caters for," he concluded.

By Ropate Valemei

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