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Bula Quo premieres in Suva


May 14, 2013 03:10:21 PM

Bula Quo premieres in Suva A comedy and action flick ‘Bula Quo’ which stars rock legends Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt premiered in Fiji last night.

The movie which has been entirely shot in Fiji’s Western Division drew movie goers, prominent business figures and dignitaries to Village 6 cinemas.

The production team, co-actress Jean Heard and the local crew of the movie were also present to share their experience.

FijiLive caught up with Heard who plays the role of a TV news presenter in the movie and heard about her experience.

The British film and television actress said she was excited when she found out that they were going to shoot the movie here.

“It was truly an awesome and amazing experience for me as Fiji and its people have given us a lot of memories and the beauty of this country adds a totally new dimension to the film,” she said.

“This movie will surely promote Fiji in a big way and I am more than confident that more people from Hollywood will come here for their shoots in the near future.”

Executive producer Stuart St Paul said despite facing the 2012 March floods which nearly shut the movie shoot, they came a long way to relive their dream and complete the movie successfully.

“The floods threatened our project and at one point we almost seized production but the amazing support from the locals here just kept us going. Our local crew was amazing and the people of Fiji were always by our side to see that things were running well.”

“The whole team had a fantastic experience here and I would surely love to return someday to shoot more movies.”

Film Fiji acting chief executive Florence Swamy congratulated the production team for a wonderful job and said she would love to see the movie go a long way.

“This is a great movie, it features the world famous Status Quo and our wonderful Fiji has been portrayed so nicely in this film,” she quipped.

“Film Fiji always assists production teams which shoot here and we are looking forward to seeing more Hollywood and English movie makers in our country soon.”

The 90 minute long movie sees the Status Quo visit Fiji to complete their 50 year Celebration tour.

After performing their gig at Churchill Park in Lautoka, the pair come off stage to thunderous applause and slip away for a quiet drink.

Suspecting a bigger party is going on in the back bar, Rossi and Parfitt slip through security and gate crash the event. They witness a gambling ring forcing competitors to play Russian Roulette. The winner gets dinner. The other loses their head.

They grab evidence of the murder and create a commotion so they can get away. The ring leader catches sight of them and orders their heads.

Parfitt and Rossi are on the run. Simon, their manager and Caroline a cheeky intern, are tasked with keeping the press in the dark while protecting Status Quo.

An ambitious reporter, Dave senses there is a story. Caroline holds him off as long as possible, but as the situation escalates, enlists his help.

Using sea-planes, speed boats, jet skis, golf carts and scuba gear, Status Quo and their entourage evade capture and manage to leave Fiji Islands in the end.

Bula Quo will be screened in cinemas from May 20.

By Reginald Chandar


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