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Cops find Jiah Khan's suicide note


Jun 10, 2013 01:01:06 PM

Cops find Jiah Khan's suicide note The Juhu police are likely to summon Sooraj Pancholi, son of actor Aditya Pancholi, for questioning today after a six-page letter allegedly written by Jiah Khan came to the fore during the course of the actress’s suicide probe.

According to Hindustan Times police would question Sooraj in connection with the contents of the letter, about which the officials are tight-lipped at the moment.

The investigators are also in the process of seeking legal opinion to ascertain if the contents of letter amount to abettment in the actor's suicide, sources at the Juhu police station told the newspaper.

Twenty five-year-old Jiah Khan had committed suicide by hanging herself at her Juhu residence on June 3.

The investigation took a turn on Saturday, after the family of the deceased actress handed over the notarized copy of the letter to the police. The family notarized the letter, penned down in English, so that it could not be manipulated at any stage.

Sources said that six-page letter allegedly written by Jiah was found by the family from Jiah’s bedroom, adding that it neither mentioned anyone’s name nor was it addressed to anyone in particular.

The police would also send the letter for forensic analysis to ascertain if it was written by Jiah herself and the approximate date of writing it.

The officials said that the letter may play a crucial role in the days to come as the deceased had mentioned about her hassled relationship in the same.

One of the details mentioned in the letter was Jiah’s undergoing a medical procedure while in the relationship and a trip to Goa.



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