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Bill of Rights protects the marginalized: Seruiratu


Sep 18, 2017 12:56:59 PM

Bill of Rights protects the marginalized: Seruiratu The Bill of Rights in the 2013 Constitution protects the rights of citizens who are marginalized, says leader of Government in Parliament, Inia Seruiratu.

Speaking in Parliament, Minister Seruiratu said the Bill of Rights safeguards the liberties of people whose contribution may not be as significant.

“The Bill of Rights is the sum of all propositions to safe guard the individual liberties of citizens, simply put the rights of those who live in the remotest of our rural areas are just as equal to the citizens who dwell in on our thriving townships even though they may be small in number and their contribution to our national economy is insignificant,” said Seruiratu.

He went on to remind the house the responsibility of the members in protecting the rights and promoting knowledge of the individual rights

“Herein lies our duty to defend those rights to promote understanding and knowledge of individual rights by Fijians to assist them in supporting the defense of their rights.”

“The Honourable members of this house are called by the voice of our nation to identify the ills that plague our societies and the hurdles that hinder our development and seek for solutions in remembrance of past instances to educate and edify citizens, especially those marginalized.”

Seruiratu said that the challenge that must be recognized that most of the people in the marginalized communities have lived with limited resources for so long that they are satisfied with the limitations.

“The challenge with emerging democracies like ours is that we make way too many assumptions; it is our assumption that because the community has been living without good source of water from timely immemorial that the current generation is remained content with the matter with which their ancestors have lived.”

He further went on to say that this type of ideology is exactly what the Bill of Rights is seeking to correct.

“Similarly with roads and other basic necessities of life, this is misguided and utterly wrong. This exactly is the injudicious ideology that the bill of rights provision of our constitution seeks to correct,” he added.

By Avneel Abhishay


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