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Constitution represents Fijian Dream: Kumar


Sep 14, 2017 03:55:37 PM

Constitution represents Fijian Dream: Kumar The 2013 Constitution is a representation of Fijian dreams and aspirations, says Government MP Jilila Kumar.

Speaking in Parliament this week, MP Kumar said in order to achieve the Fijian Dream; one must embrace the ideology upon which our Constitution is built on.

“First and foremost our nation must embrace and promote our Constitution. This Constitution is rooted in the ideology of one nation, one people and one identity. Only then we can achieve what I would call the Fijian Dream,” said Kumar.

Kumar enlightened the house on what the Fijian Dream is and said it consists of desire for security, solidarity, opportunities, equality, love, peace, good health and love.

“The Fijian Dream is not complicated; it is simply the desire for security, solidarity, shared opportunities, for equality, love, peace, happiness and good health.”

She commended the FijiFirst Government’s efforts in working to achieve the Fijian dream.  

“The FijiFirst Government is leading the nation to the right direction to achieve the Fijian dreams.”

She further commented that the Government is doing this by putting into practice the ideals of the Constitution.  

“The Government is translating the ideals of the constitution into practical, efficient and effective legislation that drive the country’s development,” commented Kumar.

MP Kumar also challenged members of the parliament to accept one and another regardless of their background which was met with applause and cheers from the house.

“The ideas of unity- one nation, one people are important; this is a challenge to all Fijians particularly members of this august house that we must accept one and another and look after one another no matter who we are, where we come from and how we look like,” she added.

By Avneel Abhishay


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