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COP23 Presidency is not politicized: PM


Sep 14, 2017 01:13:15 PM

COP23 Presidency is not politicized: PM Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has criticized the Opposition for doubting the Government’s sincerity over its Presidency of COP23.

Speaking in the first session of Parliament this week, the Prime Minister asked for Fiji’s presidency over COP23 to not be politicized as Fiji embarks on a global fight for the people in Bonn, Germany.

“I ask to not make our presidency a political issue, because this isn’t a fight for any one party or any one community. It is a fight for Fiji, the Pacific and every person on earth,”

He said Fiji has been tasked with a great responsibility and it is discouraging to see the Opposition doubting the Government.

“The world has given us an enormous responsibility of leading that fight COP23, so imagine my disappointment when again we have seen certain members of the Opposition who have the audacity to doubt my Government’s sincerity on this issue and doubt our commitment in addressing this crisis.”

PM Bainimarama said that COP23 is given high priority as it is a matter of lives of citizens.  

“I urge we take this issue that strikes the security of our people our full attention and the highest priority. The fight we have ahead of us is a fight for our lives, for the survival of every Fijian, every Pacific Islander and ultimately every global citizen.”

He referred to the natural disasters in the wreaking havoc in parts of the United States and Caribbean Island as to the reason why we must take a action.

“That has been made brutally clear this past few weeks as Hurricane Harvey dumped massive amounts of rain in the state of Texas in the US causing widespread flooding and billions of dollars in damage. Now the category 5 Irma is damaging many of our fellow small island states in the Caribbean and devastating in the south east of the United States,” said PM Bainimarama

“The images of the damages done by the natural disasters are nothing that we are not familiar with as last year Fiji was devastated by Cyclone Winston.”

“I have watched those events unfold with great empathy along with every Fijian due to the wide devastation by cyclone Winston last year. We Fijians know better than most the trauma and heart break the changing climate can cause,” he added.

The Prime Minister also announced the launching of a leaflet on COP23 which would explain the presidency to the Fijian people.

He said the leaflet would be printed in three major languages – English, Hindi and iTaukei.

He also confirmed that a weekend of prayer for Fiji’s Presidency of COP23 will be organized through the churches, mosques and temples later this month.

PM Bainimarama is currently in Canada attending a Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Action and meet with the Canadian leadership to rally support for COP23.

By Avneel Abhishay


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