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PM failed to set the right tone: Prasad


Sep 18, 2017 12:24:09 AM

PM failed to set the right tone: Prasad National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad says the Government took away the spirit of unity from the President’s speech. 

Professor Prasad said he expected the Prime Minister to set the tone right for the debates. 

“I expected the Honourable Prime Minister as Mover of the Motion to set the right tone to the debate in the spirit of His Excellency’s address, particularly his emphasis on unity, togetherness and marching forward in unison.”

“But all we have heard from the Government side is that the Fiji First Party is the only saviour for our beloved nation and no other party has the ability to move Fiji forward.

Prof Prasad strongly responded to the Prime Minister’s statement on the failure of the Opposition in the 2014 election, and said the Government is only run by two people supported by other members.

“The FijiFirst Party seems to be a two-man team with 30 more cheerleaders in Parliament and the Fiji Sun as its main cheerleader outside,” he said.

Despite the difference set in the beginning of his speech in Parliament, MP Prasad did agree with the Prime Minister and the President in saying that elections must not be race based but on policies.

“I agree with both the Prime Minister and His Excellency’s call for elections to be free of any campaigning based on ethnicity, race and religion. These have no place in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation.”

“They are inflammatory. Election campaigns should be about a battle of ideas, policies and objectives for the advancement of one and all in our nation,” he added.

By Avneel Abhishay


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