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764,850 Ballot Papers for General Election


Oct 26, 2018 07:36:03 PM

764,850 Ballot Papers for General Election The Fijian Elections Office has printed a total of 764,850 Ballot Papers for the 2018 General Election which will take place on November 14.

This includes 20,000 Ballot Papers for Postal Voting, 92,400 Ballot Papers for Pre-Poll and 652,450 Ballot Papers for Election Day.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem which confirming the figures in a media briefing today said as and when Ballot Papers were ready, they continued to collate and bind them into books and transported them to FEO’s Warehouse.

“The Ballot Paper Production began on October 17, 2018 and it has concluded today and we are now ready to ship the last package of Ballot Papers to the warehouse facility.”

“Initially, the timeframe for printing of Ballot Papers was right up until the 2nd of November but due to efficiencies within the print facility, they printed on extra machines as well as on the collation and binding and we have managed to complete this task well ahead of schedule and this means that from afternoon, all Ballot Papers for the General Election will be in secure storage under heavy Police guard.”

“We invited the media and Political Party representatives every time we were moving the Ballot Papers to the Warehouse.”

“This afternoon’s transfer, as you are well aware, is the last batch of ballot papers that will be leaving the printer and this means that the Ballot Paper printing process will conclude.”

Mr. Saneem added that they will start the packing of material for Pre-poll on Sunday and this process required all the Ballot Papers to be finally printed and delivered to the Warehouse.

By Reginald Chandar


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