Pineapple - Fish balls



1. Peel the pawpaw, remove seeds and cut lengthwise.
Wash cabbage, separate stalf from the leaves and chop lengthwise.

2. Using a spoon or shell, scrape the fish flesh away from the bones and skin. form into small balls.

3. Heat the oil and gently fry the fish balls until cooked.
Remove from the pan.

4. Fry the pineapple and pawpaw slices.

5. Add the onion, ginger cabbage stalks and leaves. Fry until just under-cooked.

6.Mix togather the sugar, soya sauce, water and cornflour. Add to the vegetables and stir continuously until it boils.

7. Add fish balls and stir.

8.Serve hot with cooked taro, breadfruit or rice.

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