1. Grate the coconuts. Using fine cheesecloth or coconut fibre, squeeze out the coconut cream. Add the salt.

2. Choose firm, untorn banana and braedfruit leaves.

3. Hold ecah banana leaf over the flame to soften. Carefully remove the back of the centre stalks from all the banana leaves, taking care not to tear the leaves. Divide each banana leaf into 4 pieces.

4. Take 4-6 clean, washed taro leaves and shape them into a cup. Into the centre put a half tablespoon chopped onion and one cup coconut cream. Fold the leaves in acrefully, without spilling the coconut cream.

5. Wrap each taro leaf bundle in a piece of softened banana leaf, then cover with a breadfruit leaf, firmly by pushing the stem into the parcel.

6. Cook the parcels in an earth oven or steam for 1/2 hour.

Note: Chopped pieces of meat or fish may be added to the chopped onion before the coconut cream is added to the parcel. If this is done, cooking time must be increased to at leats one hour.

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