January 22, 2009
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Labasa Football Association stands to lose the most number of players in the Player Transfer Window for Fiji Football Association.

The Fiji FA Headquarter in Suva is finalizing details with its affiliates in the confirmation of players seeking transfers for the 2009 soccer season.

Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar confirmed that districts have lodged their applications with Labasa and Suva recording the biggest number of player migration this year.

Applications for transfer obtained by FijiLive.com are as follows:


1. Romuero Tekiata to Nadi (Tavua replied, player has a contract)
2. Ilimotama Jese (Tavua replied player on contract-withdrawn)
3. Meli Codro to Nadi (Tavua advised club has not replied)


1 Maleli Nakalavo to Nadi (Suva replied player on contract)
2 Arvin Pratap to Nasinu (Done)
3 Joseph Mishra to Nasinu (Suva replied player on contract) (Done)
4 Lawrence Chand (Player on contract) (Done)
5 Krishna Naidu to Nasinu (OK await fines)
6 Alifereti Baleiloa to Nasinu (Dispute)
7 Sivam Reddy (OK from Flagstaff)
8 Kelemedi Silimaibau to Rewa (await P/L)
9 Josefa Buadromo to league (await P/L)
10 Krishna Sami to Ba (Withdrawn)
11 Yogesh Sharma to Nadroga (Done)
12 Petero Dauniseka to Ba (Dispute)
13 Ronald Ram to Tailevu Naitasiri (Done)
14 Tevita Qara to Nasinu (Pending)


1. Jone Ralulu to Ba (Pending)
2. Rajivendra Singh to Liverpool (Done)
3. Ratu Veresa Toma to PNG (Done)


1. Joseph Nimariau to Suva (Done)
2. Taniela Waqa to Navua (Done)
3. Dinesh Mudaliar to Nasinu (Done)
4. Sandeep. S. Nair to Nasinu (Done)
5. Samuela Kautoga to Lautoka (To pay-dispute)
6. Alvin Avinesh (Done)
7. Apisalome Turuva to Suva (Done)
8. Henry Dyer to Suva (Done)
9. Senibuli Meneusi to Suva (Done)
10. Noa Seru to Suva (Pending)
11. Azamat Begg to Suva (Done)
12. Ajesh Narayan to Nasinu (Pending)
13. Imtiaz Begg to Suva (Done)
14. Mira Shahib to Suva (Done)
15. Avinesh Kumar (Fees pending)


1. Alvin Prakash to Suva (Pending)
2. Isoa Ratuva to Nadi (Pending)
3. Mohammed Rizwan to Lautoka (Pending)
4. Ranjesh Kumar to Lautoka (Pending)
5. Uraia Loki to Nadi (Pending)
6. Ratu Luke Lomasalato to Tailevu Naitasiri (Done)
7. Kamal Hassan to Lautoka (Fee pending)
8. Samuela Vula to Lautoka (Pending)
9. Jesoni Takala to Navua (Pending)
10. Niraj Ram (Pending)
11. S Chetty from United (Pending)


1. Peni Finau to Ba (Done)
2. Osea Vakatalesau to Ba (Done)
3. Mark Rokobuli to Nadi (Pending)
4. Solomoni Niulevu to Rewa (Pending)
5. Rakesh Kumar to Nadroga (Pending)
6. Netani Momoivalu to Rewa (Pending)


1. Maisake Inia to Nasinu (Done)
2. Ili Busa to Nasinu (Done)

Tailevu Naitasiri:

1. Rajneel Chand (Club release) (Pending)
2. Kunal Swarup (Club release) (Pending)
3. Abdul Zaman (Club release) (Pending)
4. Anish Sandeep Kumar (Club release) (Pending)


1. Simione Tamanisau to Lautoka (Withdrawn)
2. Siga Ali to Lautoka (Withdrawn)
3. Apisai Smith to Lautoka (Pending)
4. Epeli Saukuru to Rewa (Pending)
5. Eliki Danford to Rewa (Pending)


1. Pita Bolaitoga to Navua (Pending)
2. Keni Doidoi to Lautoka (Pending)
3. Sireli Guivalu to Lautoka (Pending)
4. Jone Sorolo to Lautoka (Pending)
5. Shelvin Singh to Rewa (Pending)
6. Ratu Dromaibau to Tavua (Pending)
7. Sesoni Cavu to Tavua (Pending)
8. Ravinesh Singh to Tavua (Pending)
9. Jiten Kumar to Tavua (Pending)


1. Rajesh Mani to Lautoka (Pending)
2. Deepak Chand (Done)
3. Mohammed Shamid to Suva (Done)
4. Sunil Prasad (Club release) (Done)
5. Mohd Kasif (Club release)
6. Vinit Vinay Kumar (Club release)
7. Ashwant Kumar (Club release)
8. Ashwin Kumar (Club release)


1. Frank Bola to Navua (Pending)
2. Asesela Nagatalevu to Navua (Pending)
3. Milio Raiyawa to Navua (Pending)
4. Ilisoni Nabau to Navua (Pending)
5. Maikeli Turagakulu to Navua (Pending)
6. Naushad Hussain to Nasinu (Pending)


1. Kishan Lal to Nasinu (Pending)


1. Archie Andrews to Suva (Pending)
2. Krishneel Dutt to Suva (Pending)
3. Monil Singh to Lautoka (Pending)
4. Marika Namaqa to Lautoka (Pending)
5. Benaminio Mateinaqara to Navua (Pending)


1. Intiaz Ali to Suva (Done)
2. Rizwan Ahmed to North Pole (Done)


1. Mohammed Ali to Suva (Pending)

Tailevu North:

1. Isimeli Ratumaimuri to Rewa (Pending)
2. Sekonaia Jackson to Rewa (Pending)
3. Josateki Tuena to Rewa (Pending)


1. Kamal Singh to Suva (Done)

Ba Women:

1. Naomi Cavasiga to Nadi (Done)

Suva Women:

Number of requests pending.


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