Monday, October 2, 2023
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20 new model town houses in Lautoka

Minister for Housing and Local Government Maciu Nalumisa opened 20 new model town houses in the vibrant community of Koroipita in Lautoka on Thursday afternoon.

During the inaugural ceremony, Nalumisa says the event represents more than just the construction of buildings, it embodies our commitment to fostering inclusive and thriving communities.

Koroipita Model Town has enabled an entire generation of more than 700 young people to achieve better job opportunities and enhance socio-economic stability.

“As we cut the ribbon to these beautiful homes, we are also cutting through barriers that have long hindered access to safe and dignified living spaces of our residents.”

“These homes have been meticulously designed to not only meet the basic needs of shelter but to provide an environment where families can truly thrive. Each house stands as a testament to our commitment to quality living.”

“As we celebrate this achievement, let us also remember that our work is far from done. Our commitment to affordable housing, sustainable development and community empowerment remains steadfast. Together, we shall continue to explore new avenues, embrace innovation, and forge partnerships that will lead us to a brighter future.”

In the last 6 years, the Fiji Government has provided a total allocation of more $3 million for the development of fully serviced subdivisions with wide road access, electricity, clean water supply, sewerage treatment, storm water drainage and a garbage collection system.

Nalumisa said in this financial year, a total budget allocation of $1.7 million has been provided to Koroipita Model Town for land development, and construction of 16 homes.

Artika Ram
Artika Ram
Cadet Journalist |


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