Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Consumer complaints rise by 12pc

The number of  consumer complaints filed in the 2022-2023 financial year rose to a total of 4,880, a 12 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

The complaints spanned across various categories including landlord-tenant disputes, food and beverage issues, online shopping problems, public transport concerns, and more.

Landlord-tenant disputes were the most common complaint, with a total of 534 complaints registered.

Issues ranged from landlords refusing to refund bonds, issuing illegal eviction notices, increasing rent despite rent freezes, and failing to provide tenancy agreements or rent receipts.

Other significant sources of complaints included food and beverage concerns, with 499 complaints, and online shopping issues, with 285 complaints.

Public transport, misleading advertisements, and faulty household electronic goods also garnered hundreds of complaints each.

Consumer Council of Fiji chief executive, Seema Shandil expressed deep concern over the rise in complaints.

“The surge in consumer complaints is a clear call to action for all stakeholders to collaborate in creating a market environment that prioritizes transparency and accountability,” Shandil said.

“As the foremost consumer advocacy body in Fiji, we will continue to fight for consumer rights, and this includes taking proactive measures like public naming and shaming of traders who routinely breach consumer rights.”

The Council acknowledged the consumers for bringing these matters to light and called upon businesses, service providers, and relevant authorities to take the complaints seriously and proactively engage in initiatives that uphold consumer interests.

Consumers who wish to lodge a complaint are encouraged to contact the Council’s national toll-free line 155 or email

Simran Chand
Simran Chand
Cadet Journalist |


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