Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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FFP cannot be allowed to serve again: Rabuka

The People’s Alliance and the National Federation Coalition Government will extensively audit Fiji’s financial situation in the first 100 days to verify the nation’s true debt level.

In a statement, Party Leader, Sitiveni Rabuka said that the question is whether the economy has collapsed cannot be blindly assessed in a week; however, he said that the truth will never be revealed if the FijiFirst Party remains in power.

Rabuka has urged the people to vote for the People’s Alliance so that the true financial positions of Fiji is properly assessed and revealed of hiding the numbers from the public.

“From available records provided by the government know that the debt is around $10B but no one would be able to know for sure until an independent audit is done by the PA and NFP coalition. It is the height of ignorance and arrogance for Bainimarama to say that Fiji’s economy still has not collapsed after a week because the people know we have incurred more debts in the last few weeks,” Rabuka said.

Rabuka has also claimed that the estimated that the $10 billion debt excludes suspicious transactions that the coalition government will investigate like the ‘Help for Home’ and ‘Adopt a School’ initiatives post-Winston run by the CIU Department of the Ministry of Economy.

“These transactions and the like will be put before a Transparency and Accountability Commission with exclusive jurisdiction. Everyone giving evidence will have absolute freedom of information and confidentiality.”

“I assess that the biggest beneficiaries of these initiatives are not the people but the designers, builders, civil engineers and hardware companies involved. Sadly, I estimate that these deliberate and inhumane policies of the Government could possibly be the biggest scam our nation has ever seen,” he said.

Rabuka said that it pains him hearing and seeing in the campaign trail stories of people with inadequate housing post-Winston, who were delivered tiles with no grout and fillers.

“It pains me hearing and seeing in the campaign trail stories of people with inadequate housing post-Winston, who were delivered tiles with no grout and fillers.”

“Bags of cement that have hardened with no iron rods, sand and cement blocks, louvers without any frames. Houses and schools incomplete yet all the stakeholders would have been paid by now. If such assistance is being withheld for financial reasons, then the Minister for Economy should answer to the people that needed it most at that time,” Rabuka said.

“How could the FijiFirst Government allow the People to suffer? I will then make a call to the nation that experts in various fields come forward and help us investigate inflated costing’s, make findings, find all perpetrators, hold beneficiaries accountable for their actions and recommend prosecution to the ODPP,” he added.


Ilaitia Ravuwai
Ilaitia Ravuwai
Journalist |


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