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The new Tappoo's building along Nubukalou creek in the heart of Suva.

Its a proposal that the city fathers of Fijis capital Suva hope will give the city a further dimension of enjoyment and attraction.

The idea is to bring water sports into the heart of the city, on Nabukalou Creek, which runs alongside the star-attraction MHCC complex in central Suva.

If the idea does go through, it will be the first of its kind in the country and is expected to attract both locals and tourists alike said Suva City Council (SCC) public relations officer Jillian Hicks.

The idea isnt the SCCs own. Its from a, as yet unnamed interested party.

But the council is looking at putting up a $45,000 budget to repair the Nabukalou Creek wall and introducing the sport.

This is something that water sports fans can look forward to, said Hicks.

Having such an attraction in the heart of the city can work in favor of Fijis economy along with tourism industry.

Fiji Retailers Association President, Himmat Lodhia agrees that any improvement to the creek will be positive and will definitely add beauty to the city.

Suva may be the only place in Fiji blessed with such a calm water-way going through the city and having water sports as part of it will turn it into a good tourist attraction as well, Lodhia said.

But for anyone who is familiar with Suva, it cannot be helped but asked what will be done about the pollution in the water way and how the SCC will be able to turn the creek into a decent spot for water sports lovers.

Hicks said the city council is awaiting response from the Director of the citys Water and Sewerage Department over sewerage pollution in the creek.

Another obstacle will be the drainage for the shops along the creek. They have their water let out into the creek.

The SCC is in discussions over this issue.




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