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Fiji Magic
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A happy experience ... Miss India queens in the Femina 2010 contest have sung praises of their visit to Fiji.

The reigning Miss India beauties that recently visited Fijis shores have taken back fond memories from our isles of smiles, promoting Fiji in the national daily, the Times of India newspaper.

Pantaloons Miss India World Manasvi Mamgai, Pantaloons Miss India Universe Nicole Faria and Pantaloons Miss India International Neha Hinge shared their experience of visiting Fiji with Nimisha Tiwari.

Call us the Bula girls, announced a chirpy Manasvi Mamgai along with Nicole and Neha adding that Bula was the Fijian way to greet others.

Back from a leisurely trip, the three beauty queens finally got some time to let their lustrous hair down, far away from India, post their win in April this year.

Lifes been hectic since the pageant and these girls made the most of their holiday abroad.

The adventure-filled prize vacation was certainly worth every minute. We went yachting, sky diving, indulged in the traditional kava ceremony and made lifetime friends with the happy people of Fiji, said Manasvi, who thought that the Fijians warmth was their winning quality.

What took the girls completely by surprise is that many people on the streets there recognised them by name.

It was unbelievable when a lady addressed me as Nicole. They asked us how we liked their country and that they were impressed with the way we had handled our question-answer rounds during the Miss India pageant in Mumbai. You know, it was a feeling of home away from home for us.

People there follow the Miss India contest with just as much keenness as we do in India, thanks to the residents with mixed ethnicity of Indian origin there.

And not just the natives, the entire country is just as beautiful, rich with natural resources and serene beaches. And thats what caught Neha Hinges curiosity.

We went yachting and the clear blue waters looked absolutely sapphire-like in the sunlight said Neha.

I liked the jet boat river safari which took us to the interiors of Fiji. We drank the traditional kava, a drink made from a root. People sang songs for us and we joined them in beating the drums. It was just fabulous.

Fiji, a country known for its rich flora and underwater beauty, has much to offer to visitors and tourists. Apart from eco-friendly activities and water sports, skydiving is also a growing attraction in Fiji.

Skydivers day out
Manasvi said that skydiving from 14,000 feet above the Fiji Islands was a sight to behold. From up above, we saw the entire coral barrier around the islands. And then from the sky, we landed right on the...





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