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Fiji Magic
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Come dive Fiji and experience the magic of its underworld.

When you talk about Scuba diving in Fiji it is like air is to breathing.

Once you have experienced our wonder-world of water you will need to, not want to, repeat the experience just like breathing. Fiji is world renowned as

The Soft Coral Capital of the World but thats only a small part of our story.

Every Island Tells a Story
Our 333 islands and atolls are embraced by a network of brilliant coral reefs.

From shallow coral enclaves, home to hundreds of different types of corals and sponges and resident micro-denizens of the deep to spectacular bommies with cascading corals draped like exquisite, fragile chandeliers to deep, dramatic drop-offs that disappear into darkness.

Every Creature Plays a Role

With around 1000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges, an apparently endless array of anemones, molluscs, crustaceans and other invertebrates, Fiji is the smorgasbord of world diving.

But dont lets restrict ourselves to the joy and pleasure of reef diving. Venture into reef passages and come face to face with the big boys of the deep blue. Grey Reef sharks, Silvertips, Hammerheads and White Tips all competing for a piece of the pie as they move in slow motion, patiently waiting for schools of pelagic fish to dare to venture into their lair.

And if youd like to get to know them a bit better and at closer range, expect an adrenalin rush as you dive with the sharks observing experienced divers carry out the famous shark feeding. Definitely not for the weak at heart.

Swim with the giant Mantas.

These space-like creatures are a joy to observe as they go through the motions of their ballet in the sea with apparent endless choreography.

Fijis turtles, the most famous being the Hawksbill Turtle, are now a protected species and should be observed with care and respect.

Source: Fijime




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