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Fiji Magic
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There are some greats books on Fiji for sale in many bookshops around Fiji.
This books has information on all the species of birds found in Fiji.

Bookworms will be delighted with the variety of books on Fiji, ranging from photo essays and creative writing anthologies to historical commentary.

The following is a selection of some of the books on Fiji that are widely available through souvenir and duty free shops as well as bookshops throughout the country.

You can also shop online for books on Fiji at These books make excellent souvenirs of your time in our country, ensuring the holiday continues long after youve left our shores.

Picture Books:
Children of the Sun, by photographer Glen Craig, is a celebration of the peoples of the Fiji Islands whose wonderful spirit and spontaneity is evident in the many and varied images. It is a unique personal journey exploring the passion, the people, the humour and the heartbeat of the Fiji Islands.

Fiji: The Garden Isles, by Catherine Hamilton.
FIJI . . . the way the world should be. This phrase, used by the Fiji Visitors Bureau in its world-wide advertising is a perfect description of Fiji. This book portrays in pictures and brief words the way an artist sees 'the world as it should be'. For Cathy Hamilton, Fiji has always been evocative of warmth, sunshine and smiling friendly people. But even more than the people, it is the flowers and scenery of the islands that have left her with the most lasting impression. This, the artists second book, records delight-fully with gentle touch the vibrant colours, the flowers, the history, the legends and the beauty that is Fiji. Catherine Hamilton's portrait of Fiji will travel easily around the world; wherever it goes it will bring back memories to those who have lived in or visited Fiji. Those unlucky enough not to have seen these beautiful South Pacific tropical islands will, perhaps, pause, look and resolve that this is one place they must visit. Fiji encompasses more than 300 islands scattered across 230,000 square kilometres in the South-West Pacific. Of those 300 islands, only one-third are inhabited, but on many the warm tropical climate creates a flower lovers paradise and truly makes the Fijian Islands The Garden Isles.

Fiji 2000: The Dawning of a New Millennium, by Peter Henning and Glen Craig.
Peter Henning and Glen Craig, with over 20 years of combined photographic experience in the Fiji Islands, have joined forces for the first time to produce this wonderful tribute to Fiji Time. Each photographer has a proven success story, here in the islands and back In Australia, with their unique individual styles and their mutual commitment to capturing the true passion...





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