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Fiji Magic
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Both the bride and groom made their own declarations.

"Yet another couple recently tied the knot at the Kalevu Cultural Centre in Cuvu, Sigatoka.

However, what made this one different was that they were the first Indian couple to do so at the Centre.

Nazmul Rafique and Mohammed Rizvee Kafoa chose the Kalevu Cultural Centre as the venue for their special day as they wanted a multicultural theme to the wedding. Which is just what they got.

Fierce looking Fijian warriors, decked out in full traditional garb and bearing torches escorted both the bride and groom's processions to the venue.

The bride arrived first with her entourage and was escorted by the same warriors to a Fijian bure, where she patiently awaited the arrival of the groom, as the warriors stood guard outside.

As this was a muslim nikha or wedding, each party, starting with the groom, would have to make a declaration stating they wanted to get married.

Once the groom made this declaration, witnesses would then visit the bride and wait for her to do to the same.

When both parties had formally accepted the wedding, an announcement would be made in front of the guests who had gathered to witness the momentous occasion.

I caught up with Nazmul as she waited with her girlfriends in the bure, counting down the final moments of singledom.

"I'm very excited but also nervous at the same time," she said. Nazmul went on say that the "Fijian warriors were amazing."

"The reason I chose Kalevu is because it is authentic Fijian and it was always a dream of mine," said the bride, who is a local Cuvu girl.

After both the bride and groom had made their declarations and the formal part of the wedding ceremony was over, the two boarded a bilibili, a traditional Fijian raft, and headed over to a platform where the wedding cake awaited.

It was back on land for the rest of the wedding reception after the cutting of the three-tiered cake.

Next up, dancers from the Cultural Centre put on an exciting show as the 500-strong guests sat down to dinner.




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