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Fiji Magic
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In full flight...Fijian winger Rupeni Caucau.
The man himself...7's wizard Waisele Serevi.

Rugby is Fijis national sport and the passion of players and fans is evident throughout the country.

You will during your visit witness the sport being, played, watched, talked about and even criticised and critiqued by little frensied children in buses and playgrounds, or adults in small discussion groups around a bowl of kava.

Not surprising the sport also makes up a big part of national television content.

Rugby has been a part of the peoples culture and life-style dating back to colonial times and there is no shortage of rugby stories if ever a conversion is struck up.

The sport has two main codes, 15s and 7s but particularly in Fiji locals are more loyal 7s fans.

The sevens code has seven members in a team. The game is played at a furious pace, where each team tries to capitalise on the oppositions weakness and score maximum points through speed, ball skills and hard hitting tackles.

An imperative feature of 7s rugby is speed and that is something Fiji players have no shortage of and in the past world teams have witnessed the sheer speed and flair of local players on the world rugby arena.

This fellowship has only been strengthened by Fiji winning the Sevens Rugby worlds Cup early this year, which resulted in a national holiday to celebrate the victory.

Sevens competition is played at secondary, tertiary, club and provincial level, nevertheless children and youths relish the chance to play at a more informal level with friends and neighbours and do so any chance they get.

From rural areas to suburban and city streets youths can be seen playing rugby down or touch from early afternoon till dusk and this happens with or without a rugby ball, occasionally the empty plastic bottle will be seen being used as a substitute. No complaints as its all part of the fun and good spirit

There are a few individuals who have been made famous by the sport and none more evident then Waisale Serevi who as a youth made the national team, ushering in a new and unique playing style that has earned him the name king of sevens rugby, sevens maestro and even freak by opponents and game commentators alike.




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