Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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FRBT to set up investigation committee

Fiji Rugby Board of Trustees chair Peter Mazey has confirmed that an investigation committee will be set up at the rugby house to look at issues surrounding the funding, budgeting and approval of allowance for players.

Mazey in a press conference today expressed his disappointment that funding was not looked after properly.

“We want to know the approval of Fijiana allowance and what happened during the Wallaroos test and Oceania competition in Australia.”

“They all relate to issues that are happening here such as no planning, not looking after our players and I admit that we haven’t looked after the girls well. A lot of our players do have contracts and get salaries.”

“The income here now is about between $22 and $25 million per annum. It hasn’t been looked after properly. Over $3.5 million in debt and regret keep finding more. We have found several court cases that could have a larger bearing on that debt as well. We now have to find ways to pay that debt and address issues raised in court cases.”

Mazey further added that there has been a lack of accountability, lack of policies and procedures at the rugby house.

“We actually found a very unhappy and unworkable culture at the rugby house. Everybody was protecting themselves. There was a lack of direction, lack of corporate governance and very hard to get disclosure from staff members.”

“We had to literally sit down personally and find out what’s going on. It’s like getting blood out of the stone.”

“They don’t have proper filing or documentation and we are talking about a major corporate business. The worst thing that has happened is the lack of proper budgeting every year.”

“We have delivered a lot more rugby programs, we have grown to such an extent but we haven’t matched it with the resources both financially and physically.”

Romeka Romena
Romeka Romena
Journalist |


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