Friday, January 27, 2023
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SODELPA is working for FijiFirst: Rabuka

People’s Alliance Leader Sitiveni Rabuka says the complaint by the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) against the Party proves that they no longer work in the best interest of the i-Taukei, but for the ruling FijiFirst Party.

Earlier this week, SODELPA lodged a complaint to the Fijian Elections Office against the People’s Alliance for its non-compliance to Section 116 4C of the Electoral Act.

Rabuka said SODELPA has shown the world that not only is its President aligned with the FijiFirst, but also the General-Secretary as the authorized officer of the Party is now working behind the scene to fix its alliance with FijiFirst.

He said the two Parties are hiding their relationship and not coming out of the closet.

“Nothing is secret, now that SODELPA has made its bed and must lie on it… They will now suffer the wrath of the i-Taukei voters because of their pretense to be fighting for i-Taukei benefits and at the same time are in bed with FFP.”

“I cannot see any other motive behind their complaint on the two issues that all i-Taukei hold dear to heart except those in FFP and now SODELPA – which are the Great Council of Chiefs and the double taxation in paying soli ni yasana,” Rabuka said.

He said the FijiFirst and SODELPA are now living a lie.

Rabuka is urging the i-Taukei people to vote for the People’s Alliance and National Federation coalition, as SODELPA has lost all credibility.

“I saw in their manifesto that SODELPA will reinstate the GCC. Seems like their priorities have changed as soon as their President changed his t-shirt. It is now left to the PA and NFP coalition to stay the course and fight the good fight for the i-Taukei. If they think that this complaint will deter us, then SODELPA and FFP have clearly misjudged our resolve. We will never change our position to appease anyone.”

“We have assessed the SODELPA complaint and see no merits in it. Our team has combed it with a fine-tooth comb and will respond to the SOE within the timeframe given, which is 48 hours that expires 12am Sunday,” Rabuka added.

However, SODELPA General Secretary, Lenaitasi Duru, in his statement said this (Section 116 4C of the Electoral Act) requires all the political parties and persons making promises in a campaign especially when those promises require a financial undertaking.

Duru said they (the People’s Alliance) are required by law to explain how they are going to raise the money for such activities and how the money will be distributed.

“SODELPA have gone through the People’s Alliance manifesto, and we have found out that there are a lot of vague promises made,” Duru said.

Ilaitia Ravuwai
Ilaitia Ravuwai
Journalist |


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