Friday, June 14, 2024
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Mid-season transfer window opens on Monday

Fiji Football Association’s mid-season transfer window will open on Monday.

Fiji FA Manager Player Registration and Licensing Rohitesh Narayan says the transfer window will provide an opportunity for clubs and players to make necessary adjustments to their teams during the ongoing season.

Narayan said it is important that regulations were complied with with applying districts and managers to follow the necessary protocols.

“We encourage all member associations to review and adhere to the established guidelines to maintain fairness and transparency throughout the transfer process,” Narayan said.

“Ensure all transfers and player registrations comply with the rules and regulations set by Fiji FA.”

“Member associations are requested to promptly communicate any transfers or player movements to our organisation’s Transfer and Registration Department. This will help maintain accurate records and ensure the smooth processing of transfers.”

Narayan said the eligibility of players being transferred, considering any restrictions, contractual obligations, or registration requirements set by our association will be verified.

“Any potential disputes or concerns regarding player eligibility should be reported to our association for resolution.

“Any player who has already taken a transfer (Club/Regional) is not eligible to apply for transfer in this transfer period. Any player who applies for a transfer application will be rejected by the player registration & transfer department.”

The application fee paid will not be refunded.

“We emphasize the importance of transparent dealings during the transfer window. All member associations are required to maintain integrity, ethical conduct, and respect for the rights of players and clubs throughout the transfer process.”

“The Fiji FA will only process the transfers upon receipt of appropriate documentation which have been approved by the necessary parties.”

“All applications for transfers must be submitted with an application fee of $50.00 without which the applications will not be considered. All necessary documents must be submitted within seven days of the application.”

“The application fee of $50.00 is non-refundable; also it does not guarantee your application being approved. After checking the application, the player status committee and player transfer department will approve/reject documents.”

“Players with contracts must seek district approval prior to application. Violation of transfer legislation will result in the player/club appearing before the player status committee.”

“Applications will not be considered if the documentation pertaining to the application is not received within seven days of the application.”

The transfer window will open from Monday June 19th and close on Friday June 30th.

Noa Biudole
Noa Biudole
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