Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Ministry clarifies remarks on overseas recruitment

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has clarified recent remarks made by Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong regarding the potential recruitment of overseas nurses.

In a statement, the Ministry emphasised that no imminent decision has been made to recruit nurses from abroad.

“Contrary to the impression that may have been conveyed, Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong did not state an imminent decision to recruit nurses from overseas,” the statement read.

“His remarks were framed within the context of exploring potential solutions to address the ongoing nurse shortage within the country.”

The Ministry cited the actual statement made by Dr Fong during the interview:

“We may have to explore it…no decision will be made unless it’s turned into a policy direction.”

The Ministry acknowledged the significance of addressing the current nurse shortage in Fiji and expressed its commitment to working collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders to explore potential strategies for bolstering the nursing workforce.

This includes engagement with partners who play a crucial role in the success of any such initiatives.

The Ministry further highlighted its dedication to strengthening the local nursing workforce and acknowledged the contributions of the Fiji National University (FNU) College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences in training future nurses.

“The Ministry values the input of Dr. William May and the FNU College of Medicine in this matter,” the statement noted.

As efforts to expand nursing capacity through training and infrastructure enhancement remain a priority for the Ministry, the recruitment of nurses from overseas is only one of several options under consideration.

However, the statement emphasised that “no definitive decisions have been made at this stage.”

Simran Chand
Simran Chand
Cadet Journalist |


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