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Air Pacific bans carriage of shark fins


Jun 24, 2013 12:45:38 PM

Air Pacific bans carriage of shark fins Fiji's national airline, Air Pacific has announced a ban on the carriage of shark fins and shark-related products sourced from unsustainable and unverified sources.

 Air Pacific's Acting chief executive Aubrey Swift said the airline has conducted a month-long review of its freight policies relating to the carriage of shark and shark-related products and in future the airline will only accept shipments of such products from sustainable sources  where individual shark species are not threatened and they will work with stakeholders to institute an independently verifiable process to achieve this.   

"We have always understood that this is a sensitive and important matter. Notwithstanding the gross inaccuracies and misleading reporting about this issue by some sections of the media, we recognise and accept our responsibilities on environmental and conservation issues and take them very seriously”, he said.  
During its review, the airline held discussions with freight forwarders, suppliers and the fishing industry, and sought the expertise of conservation organisations.
“Our findings indicate that Fijian-licensed vessels have documented standards in place on how to effectively manage this issue. The situation is not so clear for unlicensed or foreign vessels”, he said.  
“After taking into account various considerations, our review highlights that we need clearer and stricter policies in place to ensure that suppliers only ship sustainably–sourced shark products. This is consistent with our overriding commitment to environmental protection and conservation efforts in Fiji.”  
“We believe a ban on the shipment of unsustainably-sourced shark fins is the right thing to do, and have implemented this policy effective immediately. We will now work with conservation partners and the fishing industry to prepare and implement policies and processes that will ensure that future shipments are sustainably sourced," Swift added.



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