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Health officials to lead by example


Jul 14, 2013 09:49:26 AM

Health officials to lead by example Fiji's Health Ministry has taken a lead role by encouraging all staff to maintain a healthy diet and to strictly monitor all food and refreshments consumed at the workplace.

Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma says this is in line with the ministry’s effort to combat non- communicable diseases which accounts for 80 percent of all deaths in Fiji.

“Food and refreshments which has low calories, fat and sugar content should be encouraged at Ministries facilities to overcome premature NCD deaths and its complications”, Dr. Sharma said.

He said from now onwards national advisors and managers will keep a close watch on diet intake at the ministry and this should be a platform for other ministries and corporate entities to follow.

"We should practice what we preach and it’s high time that all these issues are looked into," Dr Sharma added.

Meanwhile, the second Steps survey by World Health Organization in 2011 reveals that one out of every 3 Fijians have been diagnosed with diabetics. Previously it was one out of five.

 The ministry is also calling on relevant stakeholders, NGO’s, faith based organisations and individuals to work with them so premature deaths from NCD’s can be avoided.

By Reginald Chandar

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